Raspberry Pi Camera

By Niklas Mähler

My Raspberry Pi has been collecting dust for far too long now. I've had some projects in mind, but I haven't found any motivation for realising them yet. Now however, the Raspberry Pi camera is on its way! Hopefully it will be available sometime in the first half of next year, and I want one. For a while I've been thinking that I want to try to implement some machine learning methods for e.g. facial recognition, just for fun. This seems like a golden opportunity! It shoots 1080p at 30 fps according to DesignSpark.

Since I have a webcam in my computer, that should work as well, but I'm having trouble installing the Python bindings for OpenCV. It feels like I've tried every configuration possible, but I still can't get it to work. If I get some time on my hands I will primarily try to fix that, but the Raspberry Pi camera is a tempting option. Even if I get it to work on my Mac, I will probably buy it anyway.

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