(Last?) First Post

By Niklas Mähler

So, I’m doing it again. Creating a blog that I probably won’t write anything in, that is. Anyway, I find this a bit more interesting than my previous attempts. This site was built using Jekyll, a static site generator. When I first heard about it I realized this was something I had been trying to achieve for a while; something where I could easily have a common header and footer for a website and just alter the main content. This is of course possible using e.g. PHP, but every time I’ve started such a project, I’ve ended up creating all kinds of “nice to have”-features that just ended up messing up the whole thing. I’ve also tried using Wordpress, but it’s just too bulky for my needs.

And yes, it’s quite fascinating that I haven’t found out about this until now.

I even managed to migrate my old Wordpress posts into Jekyll very smoothly using the instructions from Hadi Harari.

Hopefully this will inspire me to write about my (not so) adventurous life as a PhD student in bioinformatics.

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