Still no Internet

I'm still waiting to get the stuff I need to set up an Internet connection in my apartment. I couldn't imagine how restless I would become without an Internet connection, but it hasn't been all that bad. I managed to read through book six in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, and I'm halfway through the seventh (and last) book. I highly recommend this series if you're a fan of the work of Stephen King, and even if you're not. I also managed to pick up an old hobby of mine; drawing. If I feel confident enough, maybe I'll post some of my drawings here.

Next week I will go to Umeå for some meetings, and a crash course in RNAseq data analysis. It'll be nice to come back "home" and see my girlfriend and her dog. Not that I don't like it here. I feel quite at home here in Norway. The people are friendly, and the infrastructure is nice. There's just one thing that I find really annoying: most supermarkets are closed on Sundays. That sucks.

Books Internet Umeå


MacBook Pro with retina display

Wow! I had heard that the retina displays were nice, but I couldn't imagine how nice. I just got my work computer, a 15" MacBook Pro with retina display, and I've only been working with it for 15 minutes. Still, when I look at my old 13" MacBook, it looks absolutely dreadful. My economy won't survive this awakening...

Computers Gadgets MacBook Retina


dos2unix on Mac

In Linux there’s a nice little tool called dos2unix that converts those nasty Windows line breaks into Unix line breaks. This is not available in OSX, but it is possible to do it with tr:

tr '\r' '\n' < file_to_convert.txt > output.txt

Nice and simple, and it seems to work just fine.

Bash File formats OSX


Last working day in Umeå

This is my last working day here in Umeå for some time. However, it seems like I will return quite soon for some work related stuff.

Tomorrow night I'm taking the train to Oslo, a 16 hour trip that I really look forward to... not... I like travelling by train, but 16 hours it a bit too much for my taste. I will try to get some sleep, but I doubt that I will succeed. Then I have a bunch of articles that I can entertain myself with.

Next entry will probably be posted from an apartment in Ski where I will be living in the near future. It's about 9 km from the University in Ås, but there is a train station nearby, so I won't need to walk or ride the bike I don't have.

I realize that I haven't written anything about the University in Ås. I will do that a bit later.

Ås Ski Train Umeå


Carrot cake

So, it's the first fika for the semester at CLiC, but also my last before I move to Norway. It's my turn to bake, so I decided to go with a carrot cake. Hopefully it will be well received! Pictures to come...

Update: The carrot cake is no more, and unfortunately, I didn't manage to snap any picture of it. Maybe next time...

Baking CLiC Fika


Hello World!

So, once again I create a blog using Wordpress. This is not only a blog, but also a place where I can showcase my work. My hope is to update this page on a regular basis.

I chose Wordpress since it will be much easier to maintain than my own crappy code would be. I also hope to learn a bit about Wordpress, and how I could incorporate it into my future work as well.

Blog Wordpress